Winter Olympics 2014 Preparations Already Underway in Sochi, Russia


Winter Olympics 2014 preparations are already being made, even though the competitors from this year’s event have barely had time to admire their medals. The host in two years will be Sochi, Russia, a city that you haven’t likely heard of if you are from any of the other countries that make up the global map, but five years ago President Vladimir Putin boosted support for the city by the Black Sea to host the next Olympics
Palm trees surround the resort city, nestled in the bosom of magnificent snow-capped mountains, but needed a lot of work before it could be a possible host for such an event as the Olympic games. Construction is already beginning on housing and transportation, with a cost of around $24.5 billion. Although critics have commented that the preparations are way behind schedule, Olympic committee members have had nothing but praise for the nation.

Construction companies hired to build the grounds for the Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi have had to change the way that they work as a result, allowing for things like green technology, safety and high standards, factors that they previously didn’t care much about. The nation apparently has found something to care about in hosting the prestigious event and as a result, you can see real progress: from a brand new railroad that winds its way up the mountain to a shiny new highway for Olympic travelers.

President and CE of the Sochi committee that is organizing the effort called the work being done a “mental shift and changing attitudes towards people with disabilities” and said that they were “creating a new standard in environmentally friendly construction.” The question that the nation now faces is not whether they will be ready by the time 2014 rolls around, but whether the area will be better or worse for it afterward.

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