RTET 2014 Syllabus Level-I Language-II (English/Hindi/Gujrati/Punjabi/Sindhi/Urdu)

Teacher Eligibility Test (TET)
Paper-1 (Level-I)
(For a person who intends to be a teacher for Class I to V)
Part-2 Language-2 (Class 1 to 5) Level-I


Total Questions: 30


Total Marks: 30


English Language

Unit-1 (Marks-05)

  • Unseen Prose Passage
  • Linking Devices, Subject-Verb Concord, Inferences

Unit-2 (Marks-05)

  • Unseen Poem
  • Identification of Alliteration, Simile, Metaphor, Personification, Assonance, Rhyme.

Unit-3 (Marks-05)

  • Modal Auxiliaries, Phrasal Verbs and Idioms, Literary Terms: Elegy, Sonnet, Short Story, Drama.

Unit-4 (Marks-05)

  • Basic knowledge of English Sounds and their Phonetic Transcription.

Unit-5 (Marks-05)

  • Principles of Teaching English, Communicative Approach to English Language Teaching, Challenges of Teaching English: Language Difficulties, Errors and Disorders.

Unit-6 (Marks-05)

  • Methods of Evaluation, Remedial Teaching.
Hindi Language



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