Rajasthan University campus UPDATES DURING ELECTION OF PRESIDENT 2015


Rajasthan University campus by a student under the supervision of the administration voted in two places but no one stopped him. Government Law College students arrested on complaints of media.

According to the information, am a student (whose name talent is being reported), the first university campus to vote in the PG Department of Commerce. Students from the College of Law where she went and voted and then sat as a candidate’s polling agent. During this whole process, not the Government Law College, asked the girl nor her finger on some of the ink was examined.

Seeing such an action before the girl spoke to the media, it was out. Law College principal BD Rawat angry looking girl, Upprachary Madhu Shastri and others arrived and inquired into the matter. Cases detected in his room at the Law College students took Upprachary.

Prchary College, said the girl’s card has been confiscated. Police have been informed of the case. The University Law College in the Student elections, the voting was terribly wrong. It was Dle Nirgarit not three times the number of its investigation to date has not been completed.

Code of Conduct available ç Uri Jjayan
Vote against the election code of ethics is available ç Jjayan flown. Candidates and their campaign during voting in polling booths by other students, students were asked to vote with folded hands.

Queen’s College where the mobile phone with the man at the gate was barred paste the information, while many of the girls was obvious that mobile voting stock updates. College of the Assistant Chief Electoral Officer Dr. Subhashini Sharma said, we get mobile on campus is strictly banned, I myself have seized a candidate cell.

Hockey and the poles of the car recovered

Rajasthan University hockey and poles were recovered from a Scorpio. Police arrested two men. Saturday morning, the cradle of Rajasthan University and organizer of the Code of Conduct under the colleges on campus to take any kind of ban on promotional material. Written under the name of a candidate’s supporters wearing red T-shirts were going inside, then the government took off his T-shirt. About it for a while from the clashes between police and students, but later on down the case.

Vehicle taken, simply order
University to enter the premises for voting strictly outside the police vehicles were towed. On the inside as well as the vehicles stopped. Prtyasiaen and his department to reach voters in the complex mini-bus has been arranged.

Promotional material covered in the road
Ajmeri Gate near the King and Queen’s College students in the morning – saw a swarm of girls. Wearing T-shirts and caps with the names of candidates supporting the promotional banners that appeared. Due to the lack of a strict code of ethics, hoarding and posters seen.

Dausa holding five fraudulent voter
Bogus voting during polling in Dausa received complaints from several places. Fake ID cards to vote, police have arrested five students. To control the crowd battles police had to be lighter.

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