breaking news:no tole tax in ringus from 22 sept 2012


Ringus toll collection at toll booths will be closed from September 22. Overstaying recovery Argued in the magazine was the case. The result is that after September 22 as well as the upcoming tender closed toll collection by the Public Works Department has been canceled. The masses will not loose closure pockets of recovery.

One of the people due to the negligence of PWD Vsha ü illegal toll was being collected. In this regard, the Department of Public Works on Wednesday cleared a proposal to close the toll. The Central Government has not sent any letter to the state government in this regard. Two toll booths on the last day of the State Government under the terms of the action was.

Based on those rules, the decision is made by the Department of Public Works. Department of the farming of the September 21, already had been allocated to the contractor. To avoid legal complications in such department decided to stop recovery after September 21.

Since 2000 began recovery
Ministry of Road and Surface Transport in Ringus 436.53 lakh has been built at a cost of ROB. The Public Works Department started collecting the toll from August 2000.

There was so much recovery
By ROB departmental rules Ringus 1104.43 lakh was to be recovered, but until 31 Jan 2012 to 1149.42 lakh has been greater recovery. The three – three months on average 40-40 lakh excluding contracts recovery was made.

Public who will benefit
Ringus toll booth on the day of recovery is 50 to 70 thousand rupees. No toll collection from the public who will benefit directly with drivers. In addition, it would benefit the devotees coming Khatushyamji.

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