BARFI! song Fatafati: Ranbir Kapoor sings song for Anurag Basu

Anurag Basu’s Barfi! releases this weekend, and the buzz around the film is positive. Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra seem to be playing the most challenging roles of their acting careers. Everything that we have seen from Barfi! so far has made us go ‘awwww’. Especially the songs composed by Pritam (original or otherwise), which are addictive; so far our favourite is Ashiyan. The makers could be trying to add a fun element to the film, hence the Fatafati song.

Ranbir sings in Fatafati and does a neat job of it. The only thing we didn’t really like was that the entire effort looks a bit like a wannabe ‘Why this kolaveri di’ that Dhanush did some months ago before 3 released.

“Na bhagwan ne sur diya hai, na taal diya hai”, complains a reluctant Ranbir Kapoor before entering the studio to belt out four really snazzy verses of a song that basically translates to ‘kickass’. His fear is assuaged by the cast that assures him that with new technology his voice can be modulated to sound musical.

The result is a nipple-massaging (check out the video, you will know), arms flailing, male-bust-hugging, guitar strumming madcap, semi-rap, semi-country number. And it’s not bad at all. It makes you want to get up and do silly dance moves in front of the mirror.

Set to folksy tunes by Pritam with a liberal smattering of Bengali, ‘Fatafati’, the song from Kapoor’s ‘Barfi’, is cut to unseen behind-the-scene visuals from the film. But for those unfamiliar with Bengali, what is the meaning of ‘fatafati?’


Here are the lyrics of the fatafati song:

It’s the burppy song…

Situation bhishon gombhir ohe (Bengali for ‘the situation is very serious’)

Producer bole bechona bechona (producer says sell it, sell it)

Item gaan koi socho, sochona

Aisa koi beat bajao

Usko repeat bajao

Jo bhi sune mast hoke

Haan zabardast hoke

Fatafati, fatafati lage o lage re (4)

(What the f*** is fatafati, man?)

(fatafati, is she an actress?)

Agrezi mein awesome, kickass, Bangali mein fatafati

Boma bom boma bom boma bom badake

Baja ganja loud zara bajake

Damadum damadum thumka lagake

Gali gali rowdy saare naache

Aga peechha bust hoke, haan zabardast hoke

Fatafati fatfati lage ho lage re

Disco karo kathak bana

Hans bana batak

Koot masala akha sabut

Nasta nabud nasta nabud

Gori ke gal mein kare kuchu kuchu

Mataji pitaji gaye Machu Pichu

Jhoomere gayere nache janta

Jhoomere gayere nachere Kajol, Kareena, Rani Mukherjee Preity Zinta, Zinta, Zinta!

Fatafati, fatafati lage o lage re….

But the song is very funny and the Bengali tinge gives it a unique flavour. Watch it and share your views with us.


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